Patsee Parker's Bio

Photo of Patsee Patsee Parker is a native Oregonian who has been painting most of her life, professionally for more than 50 years. Her paintings reflect the entire Pacific Northwest and the many differing views and seasons of this scenic area.

Her field trips in the Northwest mountains to do "plein air" painting studies are the basis for many of her popular landscapes.

Living "smack on the Oregon Coast" has been convenient for developing the study of painting water and the unique movement of sea water. Her studio window shows the beach and ocean and her seascapes are inspired by this closeness and enhanced by the surroundings areas of the Central Oregon Coast particularly. Her ever popular seascape collages using local beach sand have been sought by collectors for over 30 years. This special technique is her own invention.

Patsee lived with her grandparents in early years and painted freely with her grandmother who was an accomplished artist. Her painting career continued through her middle years while tending four children and teaching painting classes in Eugene and the Pacific Northwest and exhibiting in well known galleries.

Westlight Gallery in Waldport, Oregon, has existed for over 40 years where she has lived full time since 1980. She's accompanied on her beach walks with her two cats (unless there is a "dog alert"). She still paints, stretches her own canvases, and does her own framing, but is currently enjoying a more limited professional schedule.

In 2017 Patsee moved to Eugene, Oregon, where she continues to paint.


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